Sermons from February 1999

Sermons from February 1999

2 Samuel 3:18

2 Samuel 3:6-21

Vintage message from February 28, 1999. (The original message was cut off at the end.) The only thing that matters in life is the fact that God has told us to do it. If God has told us to do it, then we do it! … God allows for us to make wrong decisions, even as Christians. God allows for us to do things that are so stupid that it could destroy our life, even though we’re Christians. God allows…
2 Samuel 3:1

2 Samuel 3:1-5

Vintage message from February 21, 1999. Gentlemen, the only way to have a soft heart before God is to be in His Word and humbling yourself before Him and loving your wife. It doesn’t happen any other way, and Jesus addresses it. We are hard of heart… We’ve all come to those places in our lives where we have grown discontent with that that God has given us… I don’t care who you are — man, woman, or child —…
2 Samuel 2:26

2 Samuel 2:17-32

Vintage message from February 14, 1999. When we leave our hearts to our own devices, we have an enemy that comes in and he wreaks havoc within the body of Christ. He brings an attack that we feel we need to defend. We need to stand our ground, but you know what? Oftentimes…we attack one another when the whole time the Bible tells us we don’t battle against each other. Our battle isn’t against flesh and blood… You know what?…
2 Samuel 2:1

2 Samuel 2:1-16

Vintage message from February 7, 1999. One of the things I find within the body of Christ is we end up with division amongst us because we are out of fellowship with God. We may be Christians. We may go to church. We may even read our Bible. But, just because we do things, does not necessarily mean that we are fellowshipping with God, that we’re in agreement with what God is doing. Therefore, we are not in agreement with…