Sermons from April 1998

Sermons from April 1998

1 Samuel 1:11

1 Samuel 1:1-11

Vintage message from April 26, 1998. See, part of our problem in life [is] we begin to struggle. We being to have hard times, and we whine and we complain and we cry to one another. But yet, in fact, there’s a God in heaven Who knows everything that’s going on in our life. He’s created us. He’s worked to touch us. He’s tried to communicate with us, but yet we whine and we cry… Do you realize that God…
1 Samuel 1 Intro

1 Samuel Introduction

Vintage message from April 19, 1998. I find in my life and in the lives of many people around me that I get caught up in my flesh, and I begin to do what I want to do. God allows…hard times to come on me…and then I cry out to God. And just like the Israelites, we continue to turn back to the sin of our flesh rather than continuing to walk with God. Even in the church, we find…
Daniel 12:10

Daniel 12:1-13

Vintage message from April 12, 1998. Everybody…has some kind of trouble, some kind of struggle, some kind of hard time that they’re going through… We all have struggles, don’t we? And we can, in fact, put ourself in that place of feeling like we are the only ones that are struggling. We can cut ourselves off from the fellowship. We can cut ourselves off from the body, when in fact, the body is where we need to be because there…
Daniel 12:1

Daniel 11:40-45

Vintage message from April 5, 1998. One of the things that I have learned throughout the years is that friends that are bought are not friends at all. If you’re my friend because I’ve done something good for you, and I continue to do something good for you, what happens when the bad comes in my life? And let me tell you, if you’re my friend, you’re liable to see the bad. I’m liable to do stupid things. I’m liable…