Sermons from March 1998

Sermons from March 1998

Daniel 11:35

Daniel 11:36-39

Vintage message from March 29, 1998. If we are here because we have relationship with Jesus, then Jesus has given us a call. That’s to go out and instruct men. “Go therefore into all the world making disciples of all nations.” That’s our responsibility… Don’t get stuck in the things of the world, but use the wisdom and instruct many, because understand, there is a time coming on the face of this earth that I believe you and I will…
Daniel 11:33

Daniel 11:23-35

Vintage message from March 22, 1998. “Those who are wise will instruct many.” The only wise are those who walk in the power and the knowledge of Jesus Christ, who live in a loving covenant with God… Why on earth would God allow for those who are in a covenant with Him, those who are in love relationship with Him, to fall by the sword or to be burned or captured or plundered? Why would God do that? Have you…
Daniel 11:1

Daniel 11:1-22

Vintage message from March 15, 1998. As believers, as Christians, there will be tribulation. There will be hard times. If you are claiming the Name of Jesus in this world today, understand, even though we may have it easy now, there are people all over this world today who are suffering because of the Name of Jesus, and we will eventually come to the place of suffering for the Name of Jesus. But you know what? It’s okay… Understand that…
Daniel 10:12

Daniel 10:4-21

Vintage message from March 1, 1998. God’s timing is always perfect. We don’t see that. We don’t understand that. God’s timing is always perfect. No matter how uncomfortable we may find ourselves going through a situation, God’s timing is always perfect… Because of our sin condition, we are not equipped to always receive the answers that God wants to give us. God has to deal with our sin nature first, God has to deal with our flesh first, and God…