Sermons from February 1998

Sermons from February 1998

Daniel 10:3

Daniel 10:1-3

Vintage message from February 22, 1998. Think about your own life. Have you ever found yourself in a place where even though you’ve read the Bible and you know the truth and you know the rights and the wrongs and you know the Ten Commandments, you live your life in such a way that is dishonoring to God because somehow you think that it doesn’t really matter how you’re living. And then, all of a sudden, something happens and God’s…
Daniel 9:19

Daniel 9:20-27

Vintage message from February 15, 1998. One of the questions I have to ask myself almost daily is, am I praying, am I seeking God for my good, or am I seeking God for God’s good? Do I want to see the things of God happen in my life? Do I want to see the things of God happen in this church? Do I want to see the things of God happen in the lives of those that God has…
Daniel 9:10

Daniel 9:1-19

Vintage message from February 8, 1998. One of the problems I see in society today is that we as believers think that God owes us something. We believe that God, because He’s made promises to us (and He has made promises to us, and He keeps His promise as Daniel points out here: He’s a great and awesome God and He keeps His promise of love), we think, for some reason, that God owes us that, and that we need…
Daniel 8:27

Daniel 8:14-27

Vintage message from February 1, 1998. We know that what Daniel saw actually happened, and because…if it happened in Daniel’s day, and if, in fact, Daniel was seeing a vision of the Antichrist that is still to come, that we as believers…we need to be about His business. We need to be about telling other people that these things can happen; that there is an end time scenario that will happen. And believe me, if you do not know Jesus,…