Sermons from January 1998

Sermons from January 1998

Daniel 8:14

Daniel 8:1-14

Vintage message from January 25, 1998. I’ve actually had people ask me, “Why doesn’t God zap people like that?” Well, because, you know what? If God is going to zap people like that, then God has to zap people like this [me]! Because, understand, I have lived within corruption. I have lived within sin. I have tried to justify my own self and live my own life without God, and if God is going to zap people, governments and leaders,…
Daniel 7:14

Daniel 7:11-28

Vintage message from January 18, 1998. (There is some interference during the first minute of the message.) I don’t care where you’ve been in life, and I don’t care what you’ve done in life. I don’t care how bad you are. God can take control of your life. God can forgive whatever it is that you’ve done in your life, and God can make something good come from your life… One of the problems that I see within the church…
Daniel 7:10

Daniel 7:4-10

Vintage message from January 11, 1998. Do you know what a real man is? A real man is one who knows and loves and follows Jesus. Ladies, you too! This doesn’t exclude you. If you want to be real, if you want to be real in God’s eyes, if you want to know that you are what God has created you to be, then be in relationship with Him! …I thank you, Lord, that You make it very clear to…
Daniel 7:1

Daniel 7:1-3

Vintage message from January 4, 1998. Sometimes when I’m teaching, I’ll repeat myself over and over again. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed to have to say something over again to remind you; to give a message even over again if I have to, because sometimes it’s important that we be reminded so that we can firmly be established in the truth… Why did God give us prophecy? So it’s a light to us… He tells us that we need to…