Sermons from February 1997

Sermons from February 1997

Acts 14:3

Acts 13:44-14:20

Vintage message from February 23, 1997. “No matter what life seems to be offering us, God’s the One Who knows the number of our days, God’s the One Who’s in control of our lives, and there’s nothing that’s going to stop us. If we are willing to serve God, if we are willing to trust Him, if we’re willing to speak His Word boldly, He’s not going to take us until He’s ready for us.” Dave Elkins
Acts 13:39

Acts 13:13-43

Vintage message from February 16, 1997. “What brings [the unsaved] to the place of salvation is hearing that not only does God love them and will do the miracle in their lives, but that God can and does forgive. That’s the real miracle…because of the love of God, we can be forgiven. And then, once we hear that we can be forgiven and we see the display of power that the Holy Spirit brings, then we know we can be…
Acts 13:12

Acts 13:4-12

Vintage message from February 9, 1997. “Jesus gave us a responsibility to love Him, to love the world. Jesus gave us the responsibility to forgive. Isn’t that what He tells us? All through the New Testament, what’s laid out to us the most is forgive, love your neighbor, do what’s right to those that are around you. And this is where we find ourselves all too often: living in our rights rather than living in the privilege and responsibility of…
Acts 13:1

Acts 13:1-3

Vintage message from February 2, 1997. “This is my goal…to take this Word and make it understandable to you so that you can use it practically in your life, and know that God’s Word is still in effect today… And the biggest problem is that oftentimes it is God’s will to move people on…What could God be thinking? Well, the fact is, God was thinking that He’s picked each and every one of us for a purpose. He has created…