Sermons from December 1997

Sermons from December 1997

Daniel 6:26

Daniel 6:13-28

Vintage message from December 21, 1997. We don’t always do things the way Daniel would do it. You can, and if you do, great! If you don’t, that’s okay. But if you’re not praying, if you’re not seeking God, if you’re not spending time in relationship with Him, then you’re wrong. Then you’ve missed the boat. You’ve severed the relationship that God wants to have with you… If we’re not communicating with the Father, if we’re not entering into relationship…
Daniel 6:5

Daniel 6:6-12

Vintage message from December 14, 1997. I don’t care what we’ve done in our life; I don’t care where we’ve been in our life; I don’t care how bad we’ve been in our life — do you realize that God can still make you trustworthy? He can take the corruption away. He can erase it. He can make it as though it never existed… If we are living in the power and the knowledge of a Living God, that Living…
Daniel 6:4

Daniel 6:1-5

Vintage message from December 7, 1997. How many of us in here can say that there is no corruptness in us? [Daniel] was found trustworthy. How many of us in here can say that we, if someone examined our lives today, would find us trustworthy? You know what? I can tell you. Most of us in here could actually say that, yes, we’re trustworthy — for the most part. You know what? I’m trustworthy — for the most part. I’m…