Sermons from November 1997

Sermons from November 1997

Daniel 5:17

Daniel 5:13-31

Vintage message from November 30, 1997. When Daniel said something, it was from God and it was true. He had no problem with mysteries, and he had no problem with riddles, and he had no problem with dreams because he took the time to consult God. He took time to pray. He took time to go before the One Who had created him. How many of us actually do that? We run into a problem — how do we try…
Daniel 5:11

Daniel 5:1-12

Vintage message from November 23, 1997. [I] have to ask the question: is God in control of our kingdom? Is God in control of my life? Does He have the sovereignty to do with me what He will? …Being a great man or woman of God sometimes means that there are long periods of time in your life when it seems like nothing happens, but you still trust the God Who is sovereign in your life. That’s what makes a…
Daniel 4:37

Daniel 4:5-37

Vintage message from November 16, 1997. You know what? I have many times done things where my conscience has begun to…smite me… I felt guilty. I was convicted. I knew I was doing wrong. I knew that something was speaking to me. God speaks to us. His Holy Spirit works in us. He tries to convince us. And you know what? He will bring us sometimes to the very point of being terrified. Now, of course, psychologists would tell you…
Daniel 4:5

Daniel 4:1-5

Vintage message from November 9, 1997. Do you realize you can justify anything you want to do. You can justify anything you want to say; any lifestyle you want to step into. If you try hard enough, you can justify it. And you can ignore God and deny God in the whole thing and justify it… We oftentimes turn and run away from the things that we’re afraid of. We turn back to the flesh. We step back into the…
Daniel 3:18

Daniel 3:1-30

Vintage message from November 2, 1997. We need to be able to stand before anyone and tell them, “There is a God, and I trust fully and completely in Him, and if He wants to save me, He will and He can, and we have no doubt that this can happen. But understand, even if He doesn’t meet my need the way I believe it should be met, it doesn’t stop Him from being God. I still will not bow…