Sermons from September 1997

Sermons from September 1997

Daniel 1:21

Daniel 1:15-21

Vintage message from September 28, 1997. We sometimes find ourselves in situations that we don’t like, situations that we question, situations that we’re uncomfortable with, and we say, “God, why did You allow this to happen? Where are You, God?” And I’ve even heard some people, “Well, this proves that God doesn’t exist! There mustn’t be a God because if there was a God, all this bad wouldn’t be happening.” Well, God knows. He sees it. And in this case,…
Daniel 1:10

Daniel 1:1-14

Vintage message from September 21, 1997. We don’t need self esteem. The Bible is very clear that we should esteem others as better than ourselves. The only esteem that we need, the only way we need to be esteemed, the only way we need to be built up is God esteem, Holy Spirit power, Jesus Christ salvation. If Jesus is in our life, then He’s the One that we’re lifting up. He’s the One that we’re building up. He’s the…
Daniel Intro 2

Intro to Daniel, part 2

Vintage message from September 14, 1997. How can you know that this stuff is true? Well, let me tell you, I know it’s true because I study, I read verses like this in Isaiah, and I see the fulfillment of the prophecy within Daniel, and that tells me that I can trust everything else. This is the foundation that we have to work off of: if God’s Word says it, we can believe it, and we can trust it… This…
Daniel Intro 1

Intro to Daniel, part 1

Vintage message from September 7, 1997. In my mind there’s no controversy. The Bible is accurate, and the Bible is true… Daniel is simply and only another man in a long history of men that God has spoken through to our world. Even up to today, God is speaking to men to give a message to our world of obedience to Him; of loving Him; of being part of Who He is. We have an obligation to study God’s Word…