Sermons from August 1997

Sermons from August 1997

Acts 28:31

Acts 28:11-31

Vintage message from August 31, 1997. Oftentimes God will put a calling on our life. He’ll put a desire in our heart. He’ll lead us to something, but you know what? We face that which God has called us to with fear. We look to the future with uncertainty. We say, “I don’t know how I can do this! I don’t know how I can get through this!” But if God has called us to it, if God wants us…
Acts 28:2

Acts 28:1-10

Vintage message from August 24, 1997. It’s when we’re in the storm, when we find ourselves being driven by the activity of life that seems like it’s going to overwhelm us and sink us that we sometimes forget that God sees the hair on our head. That He’s counted the number of hairs on our head, and He cares about the number of hairs on our head….He’s not concerned about the storms that we find ourselves in, even if we…
Acts 27:44

Acts 27:13-44

Vintage message from August 17, 1997. The problem is, with our lives oftentimes, we fail to look at the signs. We fail to look at the warnings. We fail to look at the seasons. We only look at the circumstance we want to be in. How many times have we made decisions based on what we felt the circumstance should be of our life?… In life, oftentimes, there are things we want to do, but there’s a warning tag attached…
Acts 27:10

Acts 27:1-12

Vintage message from August 10, 1997. None of us in our right minds would make the decision to stay in a situation that’s hard. We would not make the decision to stay where we know that it’s unsuitable. But you know, sometimes God puts us in unsuitable situations, uncomfortable situations. He allows for the discomfort in our lives for a reason…But understand, when we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations, sometimes we need to stop and say, “God, am I in…