Sermons from April 1997

Sermons from April 1997

Acts 18:11

Acts 18:1-17

Vintage message from April 27, 1997. The one thing we have to realize is that God is the One Who’s doing the work [drawing people to Himself]. Through the power of God’s Holy Spirit, He is already touching lives. He is already changing lives, and all He wants from us is to allow Him to use us to show people the love relationship that we have with Him. You know that’s the one thing that people really need to see?…What…
Acts 17:17

Acts 17:16-34

Vintage message from April 20, 1997. The fact is, you have a responsibility to open up God’s Word for yourself, to search the Scriptures, to be like the Bereans. The Bible says they were people of good character. That’s what brings good character: when we are willing to engage in the study of God’s Word. The only good character that there is in life is the character that comes from knowing and growing within the relationship with Jesus Christ, and…
Acts 17:11

Acts 17:1-15

Vintage message from April 13, 1997. What is it in our lives that causes us to grow in character and strength? It’s the manure that’s packed around us in life; the stinky, hard things of life; the things that we don’t want to happen to us; the things that we look up to God and say, ‘God, what could You have been thinking to allow this to happen to me?’ And we do that. And we get angry and we…
Acts 16:25

Acts 16:16-40

Vintage message from April 6, 1997. (Please note: the end of this message was not a part of the original recording.) We can either walk around burdened in our faith in Christ, or we can walk around excited in our faith in Christ. You know, I see a lot of burdened Christians. I see a lot of people who give their lives to the Lord, and then they spend the rest of their lives complaining and murmuring and telling everybody…