Sermons from 1996

Sermons from 1996

Acts 9:28

Acts 9:20-31

Vintage message from December 29, 1996. “To serve Jesus is not always comfortable. To know Jesus is not always comfortable… I believe that Jesus has called each one of us to share our faith with those around us…The fact is, the call is still valid today. We’re still to go into all the world making disciples of all nations…We need to convince them of the love of Jesus Christ; that He is the Son of God. And it takes time,…
Acts 9:15

Acts 9:1-19

Vintage message from December 22, 1996. “That’s another question I have to ask myself: would I allow for another person to step into my ministry if God asked, and move on? It’s a question I believe we’ve always got to be asking ourselves: God is there something more You want me to do and is there someplace else You want me to be? Or do I find my importance here? You know, I’m not important. What I do is not…
Acts 8:35

Acts 8:26-40

Vintage message from December 15, 1996. “That’s all religion really is: trying to impress God. It’s man’s effort to reach God…God loves us desperately. Jesus died on the cross to prove that to us…The Bible is written for us to know clearly, from Genesis all the way through to Revelation, Who Jesus was and what He did for us. And the more I study, the more I read, the more I find out Jesus is not a religious person, God…
Acts 8:4

Acts 8:1-25

Vintage message from December 8, 1996. “We are the greatest [as] evangelists when we come to the place of realizing that we’re nothing special. God loves us all the same. God will not show favoritism…The fact is that God loves us all, and He wants us to be responsive to Him and to be filled with His Spirit…He wants all of us to be able to go out and tell someone that in the Name of Jesus Christ, you can…
Acts 7:60

Acts 6:8-7:60

Vintage message from December 1, 1996. “The greatest witness you can be,…the greatest example you can be, the greatest argument you can have against a dying and unbelieving world, is just simply knowing the facts of history, sharing what God has already done in this world… Sometimes we will be faced with hardships. We will be faced with people who want to condemn us, and the greatest defense that we have is history. The greatest defense that we can make…
Acts 6:7

Acts 6:1-7

Vintage message from November 24, 1996. “What has God called us to do? What is our call to this world? Same as Jesus’s: to love the world, to love the lost. Not to go out and pick fights with them, and not to go out and slam them into the ground, not to put them down for what they believe… He is not hindered by the things that I do, and He is not hindered by the things I don’t…
Acts 5:39

Acts 5:12-42

Vintage message from November 17, 1996. “God doesn’t want us to do things in the name of the church… He doesn’t want us to do things in the name of our flesh. He wants us to live our lives in the Name of Jesus Christ…If what we’re doing is of human origin, then it should fail. But if it’s of God, then it will never fail. God does not fail in getting the gospel out.” Dave Elkins
Acts 5:11

Acts 5:1-11

Vintage message from November 10, 1996. “We are all such hypocrites when it comes to this idea of wanting people to think that we’re good. Wanting people to see us as something that we’re not. We all want to be like Barnabas. We all want to have these pure, godly, unselfish motives. We would all like to be able to stand up in the face of God and say, ‘God, I want to serve You for the simple sake of…
Acts 4:25

Acts 4:23-37

Vintage message from November 3, 1996. “Do we know in our lives that God has complete control and foreknowledge of what’s going to happen to us? Think about that. When you find yourself complaining about how hard things are, does God really know what’s going to happen to my life? Has He already predetermined and laid out the path for me, and if He’s laid that path out for me, then is it not okay for me to walk it?…
Acts 3:6

Acts 3:1-4:4

Vintage message from October 20, 1996. “It’s not wrong to walk up to someone, the beggar on the street or your best friend, and say, ‘Today I have nothing more to give you but the name of Jesus Christ.’ We will become the most effective when we realize that there is nothing we have in life that’s going to meet anyone’s needs more than the name of Jesus. We need to give the name of Jesus before we give them…
2 John 1:6

2 John 1:1-13

Vintage message from Mother’s Day 1996. When people looked at this chosen lady who belonged to the fellowship, they looked at her and saw a lady that was walking in the truth, and they loved her for it. She lived the example of Jesus Christ in her life…You have made your life so prominent in the Lord that people can see Jesus in you, and they love you for that…Chosen lady — walk in love. This is the command that…
Luke 17:22

Luke 17:20-37

Vintage message from March 31, 1996. “We should be longing for the relationship that we can have with Jesus. We should be longing and hungering in our hearts for that relationship, that place of serenity, that place of peace that comes when we are walking with Jesus Christ, regardless of what’s going on around us.” Dave Elkins
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