Sermons from November 1995

Sermons from November 1995

Luke 17:22

Luke 11:14-28

Vintage message from November 26, 1995. “We can hear God’s Word all day long. We can sit down and read the Word all day long. But…once we’ve heard it, once we know what we’re supposed to do because of it, then we have to do it. And then we’re blessed!…When you hear God’s Word, obey it. Then you’ll receive a blessing.” Dave Elkins
Luke 10:20

Luke 10:1-20

Vintage message from November 5, 1995. “I’m not to rejoice over the fact that God has used me, that God has displayed His power through me, that God will continue to display His power through me and through each one of you. That’s not what is to bring us to a place of rejoicing. Where we’re to find ourselves rejoicing is the fact that Jesus has written our names in heaven. That one day the Father will hear Jesus say,…