Sermons from April 1995

Sermons from April 1995

Luke 1:52

Luke 1:39-56

Vintage message from April 30, 1995. “We are the vessel that God uses to bring salvation to others. We have within us the power of the Holy Spirit to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ to those around us. We have the ability to share our faith and our knowledge of our Savior with other people… Mary brought our Savior in a physical form. We bring our Savior in the Spirit to those who need to hear, to those who…
Luke 1:38

Luke 1:18-38

Vintage message from April 23, 1995. “Just because something seems out of the ordinary does not mean that it’s your own active imagination. God may be speaking to you. Respond to it. Allow the Holy Spirit to work in you.” Dave Elkins
Luke 1

Luke 1:5-18

Vintage message from April 9, 1995. “Do you hear from God regularly? Do you feel the move of the Holy Spirit in your life? Or as you live your life daily, does it feel pretty dry? Do you get the excitement and the joy that comes, that is promised to us by the Holy Spirit? As you read the Word do you get insights from the Lord that tells you that God is speaking to you? God will speak to…