Sermons from 1995

Sermons from 1995

Luke 11:28

Luke 11:29-41

Vintage message from December 3, 1995. “If we want a blessing, if we hear God’s Word, we must obey it. And most of obeying God’s Word is simply taking what we hear and applying it to our lives; living by it.” Dave Elkins
Luke 17:22

Luke 11:14-28

Vintage message from November 26, 1995. “We can hear God’s Word all day long. We can sit down and read the Word all day long. But…once we’ve heard it, once we know what we’re supposed to do because of it, then we have to do it. And then we’re blessed!…When you hear God’s Word, obey it. Then you’ll receive a blessing.” Dave Elkins
Luke 10:20

Luke 10:1-20

Vintage message from November 5, 1995. “I’m not to rejoice over the fact that God has used me, that God has displayed His power through me, that God will continue to display His power through me and through each one of you. That’s not what is to bring us to a place of rejoicing. Where we’re to find ourselves rejoicing is the fact that Jesus has written our names in heaven. That one day the Father will hear Jesus say,…
Luke 9:48

Luke 9:41-62

Vintage message from October 22, 1995. “It’s not in the great things that you do. It’s not in the things that you do in the forefront. It’s not in the great power that I have and the ability I have to do anything that will make me great in God’s kingdom. But somehow I have to learn to become weak. He said in other scriptures that we must become the servants of all; that we must put ourselves in the…
Luke 9:27

Luke 9:28-36

Vintage message from October 8, 1995. “The kingdom of God is simply and only this one thing: relationship with Jesus Christ.” Dave Elkins
Luke 9:23

Luke 9:13-27

Vintage message from October 1, 1995. “The hardest thing in life to do is to give up me. To not meet my needs first… But according to this statement in Luke… I must deny myself, get rid of the ‘me‘ and only have the ‘Him‘… My witness and statement of life is to be one that completely and totally mimics that of Christ.” Dave Elkins
Luke 9:3

Luke 9:1-13

Vintage message from September 24, 1995. “Ministry is simple. His gospel is simple. And our response to Him needs to be simple… As we live our life in just plain, simple love for other people, we’ll see the miracles happen.” Dave Elkins
Luke 8:50

Luke 8:40-56

Vintage message from September 17, 1995. “Oftentimes, we bring ourselves to a point of despair and we don’t have all the facts because we’ve not consulted God yet. Sometimes God has facts that we don’t. He has understanding that we don’t. We just need to follow Him; wait and see, and let Him deal with the situation.” Dave Elkins
Luke 8:39

Luke 8:19-39

Vintage message from September 10, 1995. (Poor recording, incomplete message) “We need to persevere to produce a crop. And what is the crop that’s produced? If it’s God’s word that is planted, if the seed that is buried deep in our life is God’s word, and it begins to grow, then what’s going to be produced is God’s word. We, then, are going to turn and share with others what we know of God’s word.” Dave Elkins
Luke 8:15

Luke 8:3-18

Vintage message from September 3, 1995. “Hey, when the test starts, I don’t care how easy it seems, when the test starts, when the trial comes, the first thing you do, the first place to start is to say, ‘Jesus, I can’t do this. I can’t make it through any test without You. You’re the Word. I need You in my life. I need Your guidance to bring me through every step of the way.’ And when we do that,…
Luke 7:47

Luke 7:36-8:3

Vintage message from August 27, 1995. “He wants for us to come to that place of recognizing our sin, recognizing our need for Him, recognizing that we can be used by Him. But, it takes humbling ourselves. It takes recognizing who we are and the condition we are in and allowing Him to take control, let Him forgive us, and then He works through us.” Dave Elkins
Luke 5:12

Luke 5:12-39

Vintage message from July 9, 1995. “How many times do we leave Jesus the option to use us as He wants? How many times when we pray do we seek God’s will in our prayers? Actually, honestly, wanting to know God’s will and direction for us, even if it means we may have to continue to suffer? …Are we at that place where we are willing to say, ‘Lord, if You are willing’?” Dave Elkins