1 Samuel Introduction

1 Samuel Introduction

1 Samuel 1 IntroVintage message from April 19, 1998.

I find in my life and in the lives of many people around me that I get caught up in my flesh, and I begin to do what I want to do. God allows…hard times to come on me…and then I cry out to God. And just like the Israelites, we continue to turn back to the sin of our flesh rather than continuing to walk with God. Even in the church, we find this… And you know what our hearts are crying out for? The very thing that the hearts of Israel cried out for. “We want a king! God, give us a king. Give us someone who will rule over us.” Well, let me tell you. God has given us a King. We have a King! We have One Who’s sitting on a throne. We have One Who wears a crown. We have a Man Who loves us, Who cares for everything that happens to us, and He has offered us entrance into His very throne. But for most of us, the concept of a heavenly throne, the concept that there is a God Who is real out there, wanting us to come before Him, because we don’t see it, because we don’t touch it, we begin to disbelieve it. But He’s there, and He’s working for our benefit. He’s working to bring us into that place of relationship…

And that’s the one point that I find in my life more often than not: that when God finally comes to the place of giving me those things that I have begged for, that once I have them, I regret having them. God will give us the things we want in the flesh. God will allow us to put ourselves in harm’s way. God will allow us to destroy ourselves, when the whole time He’s sitting right there, waiting for us to turn to Him…

God, I believe, intends to bless us as His children. God intends to meet our needs. God knows our desires. He knows our hearts… But God, oftentimes, will wait until we fall on our knees before Him, before He blesses us.

Pastor Dave Elkins