1 Samuel 30:7-31

1 Samuel 30:7-31

1 Samuel 30:26Vintage message from January 17, 1999.

God is not stopped by our mistakes. God is not stopped by our rebellion. God is not stopped because we stop. Do you understand that God is God? He doesn’t need us. He desires us. He wants to work with us and through us, but He is not stopped because of the things we do. And in fact, no matter what we’ve done, if we will take the time even today to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, He will make it right. He will work it together for good. He will bless our lives if we will allow Him to. And the other thing I hear a lot: well yeah, God will bless us once we’re good. Once we begin to do things right then God will bless us, but do you realize it has nothing to do with whether we’re right or wrong? God blesses us. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. He didn’t wait for us to get right with Him. He began to bless us. He just simply wants us to seek Him first. Even in our unrighteousness, He wants us to seek Him first. Even in our mistakes. Even in our stupid decisions. Once we’ve done the wrong, we can stop and start over again, and then seek first from that moment on…

God can work even through the evil things around us. God is not stopped because there are troublemakers in our midst. God is more powerful than those things that we look at that are troublesome. God is not stopped. It doesn’t take God by surprise that there are troublemakers and evil men. God still wants to bless us… Once God has blessed you, once you have sought God the way David did, and you have seen the miracle of God work in your life, that is the time to begin to share. That is the time to stand up and be generous…

Oftentimes, when we fall away from God, we also fall away from those friends that God has put in our life. There’re some friends that we need to fall away from. There’re some friends that would lead us only into evil. There are troublemakers and evil men in our midst that we do not necessarily want to be friends with. But understand, when we fall away from the Lord, there are friends that are around us who are praying for us, who are trying to encourage us and build us up. People that we can depend on and trust… We need friends. We need people in our lives who will pray with us and pray for us. We need people who will be honest with us and blunt with us and bold with us…God knows our needs. God knows the direction He wants us to go.

Pastor Dave Elkins