1 Samuel 25:1-22

1 Samuel 25:1-22

1 Samuel 25:21Vintage message from November 29, 1998.

Understand that sometimes in your life, you will be left on your own. Those that you depend on to make decisions with you, to pray with you, those that you trust for the spiritual direction in your life may not be there. God may take them home, or He may remove them to another place, but sometimes your life will be left alone to make decisions…

Men who truly love the Lord are going to be challenged. And no matter how much good you do, no matter how good you are, no matter how closely you walk with the Lord, there will be times that you will experience in your life, that something will come along that will so shake your faith that you’re ready to quit…

Understand, even the one [King David] who walked the closest to God will find himself challenged to walk away. You will find yourself challenged. How do you make your decisions? How do you interpret God’s Word? That is where we need to be asking ourself the questions. How do I interpret God’s Word? Am I interpreting God’s Word now from my life’s perspective because now I’m standing in this situation where this man has stabbed me in the back even though I’ve shown him good? Am I interpreting God’s Word from the perspective of my hurt and my disappointment?… God will always bring us back to a right perspective if we’ll let Him.

Pastor Dave Elkins