1 Samuel 20:24-42

1 Samuel 20:24-42

1 Samuel 20:42 Do we belive that God sees everything we doVintage message from October 25, 1998. (The original message was cut off at the end.)

This is something I feel that sometimes we neglect in our lives. We allow for things to be in our lives that are hinderances to our being an effective witness and example to those around us. We carry “weapons.” We carry anger. We carry bitterness. We carry all kinds of things in our lives that when we’re asking God to deal with a problem for us, we still carry those weapons with us just in case. Are we willing to set down our weapons, to give them to someone to carry for us, away from us, so that they are not available to us whatsoever?… What is there in our lives that hinder us in our meeting with those that God will bring us in the world? It’s a question I believe we need to ask. Do we throw up walls? Do we throw up barriers of protection? And do we carry those weapons that stop us cold from being able to interact with people around us, that God has made it plain that He wants us to have interaction with? It’s a dangerous thing to do because it stops God’s will in our life when we have those weapons.

“The Lord is witness between you and me.” Do you realize our friendships would be stronger, closer; we would be less vulnerable in our life; we would be less likely to sin; we would be less likely to live the lives that we do oftentimes if we understood this statement?… Ask yourself this question: Would I do the things in my life, would I live the life I live if I truly believed that God was watching everything I was doing?… These are the questions we should be asking ourself. What would we do if someone — a father, a friend, a brother — if someone was walking around behind us continually, every moment of the day, watching what we were doing. Would we do the things that we’re going to do?… We live our lives in secret. We sin because we believe people are not paying attention. We screw up because somehow we have convinced ourselves that no one is watching. The Bible is very clear that men do the things that they do because they’re done in darkness. They believe that no one sees what they’re doing… God is watching everything. God sees everything. God is witness to everything that we do… God is witness between you and me. Is God witness? Do we believe that God is our witness? Do we believe that God sees everything that we do?… If I don’t believe that God is actually watching, if I believe that no one is paying attention, I’m liable to step out and fall…

Understand, we are surrounded by people who are not believing in God. We are surrounded by people who will make wrong choices, who do not care if God is watching or not. The question is, do we care whether or not God is watching? Do we care how we live our lives before the God Who created us? Do we care to have friendships that are so deep that we would be willing to give our lives to see our friends succeed? Do we care? Do I care enough to stand firm in God’s Word regardless of the persecution, regardless of the hard times?

Pastor Dave Elkins