1 Samuel 20:1-23

1 Samuel 20:1-23

1 Samuel 20:22 The Lord may sometimes send us into a desert situationVintage message from October 18, 1998.

God is far more powerful than even our worse enemy. God is never out of control. God is never off of His throne or dethroned because of an enemy I might have. There is no problem that I will face, no situation that I will come in contact with, no matter how hard it is, that takes God by surprise and that God can not deal with. Even though He can deal with it, God still allows sinners to be sinners. That’s a hard concept to understand. Even though He may take control of someone’s life for a short time for our protection, He still allows them their life. God will not take peoples’ choice away from them…

This is the other thing that we don’t understand: why does God allow those who have done nothing wrong to be persecuted in this way? …God allows for people to attack us, even those that we would not expect. Even those that should be the closest to us. He allows them, in their sin, to attack us. And what is our response to that? How do we deal with that? …One of the things that we fail to see coming in our lives is that the Lord may sometimes send us into a desert situation… It may be God’s will for you to suffer a little longer. It may be God’s will that you do not come to this place of responsibility just yet… Just because the Lord calls us to something does not mean He’s ready to use us right now. And there may be wilderness situations waiting for us. God may be sending us into a place of preparation and training and wilderness and a place of hardship, a place of struggle, a place of trial, a place where our hearts will truly be tested before the Lord…

What happens when we’re accused falsely? How do we respond? Do we panic? You know what? That’s part of a wilderness that God has there for us to learn from. We don’t panic because of it. We live in it. We walk headlong into the wilderness knowing that that’s where God is at. If God is there, you don’t want to be anywhere else. If people are accusing us falsely, then we know that it’s false accusation, so why do we have to worry? …We fear the wilderness. We fear that which we don’t understand, that is not successful. But you know what? It may be God’s will for us to go through some wilderness time. Are we willing to accept some wilderness?

But understand, first and foremost, we are called to a place of prayer. God is in control. God knows what’s happening. God is still sitting on the throne. Let’s let Him be on the throne and not get all caught up in the wave of whatever’s coming around us from the world. Let’s not be caught up in it. If it wants to overflow us, fine. That’s at God’s discretion. But if we’re walking with the Lord today, loving the Lord our God, then tomorrow if He moves us on to some place else, if He does something different in our life than what we expect, we will continue on. We will still love Him. We will still be walking with Him. The circumstances won’t change that. People hating us won’t change that. And I believe that we’re going to see a whole lot more hated from the world dumped on us as the church. It may not be tomorrow, but I believe it’s coming, and I believe it’s coming quickly. Be prepared. Be prepared in your hearts to just simply walk with the Lord your God because you love Him… Sometimes God has hard times ahead for us. Is that okay? …Is it okay for God to use you how He chooses to use you? Good or bad. Is it okay?

Pastor Dave Elkins