1 Samuel 16:14-23

1 Samuel 16:14-23

1 Samuel 16:23 God, refine me. God, make me what You want me to be even if it's going through the heat of the fire. Refine meVintage message from September 13, 1998.

God wants to refine us, and He will use the things of life to refine us… God allows for us to be refined because when we stumble into sin, when we stumble into selfishness, when we stumble into ourself, it shows that there is impurity in us that needs to be dealt with, and God is about forgiving, and part of the forgiving process is the refining process. He forgives the sin, and then He burns away the dross — the gross, yucky, ugly stuff that’s in our life — and brings us to a place of being able to honor Him…

“And the Lord is with him.” Probably the greatest statement that could have been made about David is that it was recognized in him that the Lord was in him. When people look at you, when your friends around you are talking about you…what are they telling them? What are people telling their friends about you?… What do people say about you? And when they say it, do they tell their friends, “This person is a person who loves God. God is with this person.”

…If you’re being tormented, if Satan is attacking you, if you find yourself in struggle, let me tell you, the best place to turn is God’s Word. Start reading it out loud. Go to a friend, have them read it out loud to you, but whatever you do, get into God’s Word, because God’s enemies hate the truth. They hate hearing the truth. They don’t want to be part of the truth…This is what causes the enemy to flee. It’s not anything that I do well, but anything that I do sharing God’s Word in truth. See, Satan knows God’s Word, and he knows how to twist it. But, if you take God’s Word, and you leave it in context, and you read it to yourself to gain from it what God wants you to hear, what God wants you to know, Satan can’t deal with that. Satan can’t hang around that because Satan does not want to hear the truth. He knows the truth! He’s lost! He’s condemned for all eternity. He knows that, and every time he hears the truth of God’s Word, he is reminded of that. He is deceived. He has deceived himself, he has deceived his followers, and he had deceived mankind to believe still, somehow, that he can win, and so he continues to try. But then, when we open up God’s Word, and we start reading, and we start studying, and we pour God’s Word over us, he hears the truth once again. That’s why Paul, in Ephesians chapter five, tells us, when engaged with one another, when in fellowship with one another, that we’re to read to one another, that we’re to sing to one another psalms, hymns, spiritual songs. That we are to encourage and bless and build one another up within God’s Word because Satan will not hang around when the truth is being shared. We are less likely to fall to sin. We are less likely to fall to the enemy who is seeking to devour us. We’re less likely to fall to that when we are studying and living within God’s Word…

That’s my prayer for each one of us today: it’s that each one of us here would become serious about who we are in the Lord Jesus Christ; that we would seek His Word in such a way that the enemy of God flees from us, rather than stands there and laughs at us; that we would, in fact, become such a threat to the enemy that we become his number one target because he fears what God will do with us. God, refine me. God, make me what You want me to be even if it’s going through the heat of the fire. Refine me.

Pastor Dave Elkins