1 Samuel 14:24-48

1 Samuel 14:24-48

1 Samuel 14:45Vintage message from August 16, 1998.

Do you realize that today God is having a great victory over His enemies in this world? He is bringing thousands and thousands of people to know Him and the Name of Jesus Christ. He has asked us to be involved. But do you know what? God does not need us to save this world. God did not need me when He put His Son on the cross. God did not need me when He raised His Son from the dead. But you know what? God is saying, “Dave, go on out and share the gospel with someone. Get involved. I’ve got the victory! Look! It’s happening all around you. Just jump in and do something. Get involved and be part of what I’m doing.” He’s allowing me to be part. He doesn’t need me for it, but He wants me. For my sake He wants me, because He loves me. He wants me. He wants me involved….

One of the things that I find that is most oftentimes forgotten, when we find ourselves in turmoil, when we find ourselves in the middle of a battle, when we find ourselves in a struggle, we assume upon God. We assume, we assume, and we assume, and we never take the time to stop and pray and say, “God, is this what You are doing? Is this what You want? And if it should or must be changed, what do You want me to do it, to participate in it?”

…God steps back oftentimes in our life. He will allow for us to find ourself in a horrendously hard situation. One that you and I would never, ever hope on our worst enemy. We find ourselves in the midst of this turmoil… God allows our faith to be tested. God allows for us to be challenged to the very depth of our soul… How do we respond to this? Do we begin to rant and rave and demand of God and dictate to God how things must work, how they will work, how He will get us out of this hard time? This is how I experience most of Christianity today — how people deal with God. They don’t go to God and say, “Man, I’m just struggling here, but not my will but Yours be done.” [Instead] it’s, “God, this is what’s happening in my life, and this is what You’ll do about it! …God, why aren’t you answering? I’m praying to you!” …Does God have to speak to you? Is God required to answer when you demand? …When God doesn’t speak to me, it’s usually my fault. When God doesn’t answer my prayer, it’s usually because He is building my faith. When God doesn’t come through right now when I want Him to, it’s because He has a greater victory in store. A better plan. And if I would just wait, and allow Him to do it, then He gets the credit. The victory is His, and it has nothing to do with me… This is the amazing thing with God: He knows what I need far more than I [do].

Pastor Dave Elkins