1 Samuel 13:1-22

1 Samuel 13:1-22

1 Samuel 13:13 We can not love God in our own way. We must love God the way He wants to be lovedVintage message from July 26, 1998.

Part of the problem that we have within our society today is we fail to remember what God has done for us. All of us are going to go through hard times. All of us are going to go through suffering. All of us are going to experience things that are uncomfortable within our life. I guarantee you, and I can tell you that Jesus promised that we would go through these hard times… But…if our eyes are on Jesus and His Lordship and His ability to overcome, then no matter the trial, the tribulation that we’re experiencing, we will overcome, too. And we can do this by remembering. Think of the testimony that you have in Christ, from the time that you gave your life to the Lord, the good things the Lord has done. We concentrate on all the bad… We look at those things rather than saying, “You know what? God’s blessed me.”

…We, oftentimes in our lives, have victory. But understand, for every victory we have in the Lord, there will be an even greater challenge because the enemy of God…does not like it when God’s children have victory, so he makes the next challenge even harder, and he comes against us with an even greater army. But you remember, our battle is not with flesh and blood, but with principalities and powers, wickedness in high places…

We can not love God in our own way. We must love God the way He wants to be loved… God lays out for us very specifically how He wants us to love Him, how He wants us to enter into relationship with Him… We buy into this as Christians all the time; we buy into it even though we don’t want to, we buy into it: if God is not going to come to my rescue, then I must do something… As I study my Bible, I find that God helps the helpless. God loves the helpless. God simply asks that the helpless will turn to Him. If we, in our time of need, will simply put our trust in Him, He helps us because He loves us… We forget that God loves us, and that God wants to help us; that God wants to be part of our life. He asks very little of us. He asks us to believe in Him and to come through His Son, Jesus Christ. The Father wants us to approach Him in a very specific way. I will not tell you that there are many ways to God. I will not tell you that if you’re a good person, you’re going to go to heaven… You’re not going to hear that from me. I’m going to tell you, if you do not receive Jesus, if you do not come through Jesus, you will not go to heaven, and that’s not my statement. That’s Jesus’s own words. “No man comes to the Father but by Me.” (John 14:6) It’s a very specific, simple directive that He’s laid out for all of us to know… And yet we persist in telling God, “I am going to like You, I’m going to love You, and I’m going to serve You in my own way. And if You want me, You’ll meet me on my terms. If You don’t come when I call, then by God, I’m going to go out and do it myself!” …But I’m going to tell you, God’s already laid out the terms, and He will not move. He will not budge.

Pastor Dave Elkins