1 Samuel 10:1-27

1 Samuel 10:1-27

1 Samuel 10:1 Our God is a compassionate loving and caring God and He understands every little intricacy about usVintage message from July 5, 1998. (Message ends abruptly.)

We come to this place in our life that we begin to try to play God instead of letting God play God. We try to take the place of the Holy Spirit in people’s lives rather than allowing the Holy Spirit be the Holy Spirit. We try to tell people how to live, when to live and why to live, and that does not ever work. Our God is a compassionate, loving, and caring God, and He understands every little intricacy about us… There is not a one of us in this room that does not struggle with issues of sin in their life. God meets us where we’re at… But understand, there are consequences to the sin that we live in. There are consequences to the things that we do [and] to the things that we think…

One of the things concerning God’s will that is the hardest for us is hearing God say, “You must wait.” …How long do we wait? When God wants us to know, He’ll make it specific. He will let us know when and where. But until then, we must wait… What has He asked us to do as a people? Hasn’t He already made it very clear, very specific, what we are to do while we’re waiting for His return? …We understand, or should understand at this point, what God expects of us, and it’s very simple. Live our lives for Him, occupy in this place for Him, and bring others to know Him. Very simple. Simple instructions, but probably the hardest thing in life to do… How many of us are hiding today from the thing that we know God has specifically told us we must do because we are afraid to step out and trust that God will do it through us? …We run and we hide because we are afraid of the call. We’re afraid of the rejection. We’re afraid of this. We’re afraid of that. And though it has been made very, very clear, what God expects of us, we run and hide…

As we begin to live our lives to honor God, as we begin to put our trust in God, there will be plenty of people in our lives that will make trouble and think they’re doing it for the good of God. There will be plenty of people who will tell us that we’re witnessing the wrong way, that we’re living our lives the wrong way, that we’re doing this and that the wrong way, and that we shouldn’t do it this way, but we should do it their way. If you are studying God’s Word, if you are praying, if you are seeking God with all your heart…it doesn’t matter what anyone else tells you about how you’re living your life for God. If you are trying your hardest to live for God, through the understanding of His Word, through seeking out in the power of the Holy Spirit God’s desire for you, let me tell you, you’re not likely to be doing it wrong.

Pastor Dave Elkins