1 Samuel 2:12-34

1 Samuel 2:12-34

1 Samuel 2:30Vintage message from May 17, 1998.

We oftentimes take for granted the blessing that God has poured out upon us. We in the church today understand and live within the grace and mercy of God. And you know, I see people who fall away and fall into sin and they say, “That’s okay. I’m under God’s grace. God will forgive me.” …I have to tell you guys that sometimes we have sin in our life, and that sin needs to be dealt with. If we continue to let sin grow in our lives…God sees it, and God will eventually deal with it. And it is happening in the church today that men are using the excuse of God’s grace and mercy to continue in sin. That’s not a fun thing to have to tell you. We need to be repentant before God. I would [rather] stand here and tell you, “Hey, guys, you know, God is good. God is love. God wants to forgive you for everything, so just sit back and don’t worry about a thing because God is in control and whatever you do is okay.” I would love to be able to tell you that this morning, but I can’t because not everything is always okay. Not everything is good and not everything that we do is right and pleasing before God, even if we have a relationship with Jesus Christ, even if we’re filled with the Holy Spirit… God will bring us to a time of account…

Let me tell you something. God is alive, God is aware, and God wants to be part of our life. But you know what? He will let us go our own way. God will allow us to turn from the blessing, and He will allow for us to live in the sin, but that sin does catch up with us, and He does call us to account… Understand, because God loves us and forgives us, and because Jesus died on the cross for us and has dealt with our sin, does not mean that God is going to automatically take us to heaven. He has promised that those who would receive Him, He will forgive, but part of receiving [Jesus] is living within the scope and the realm of the blessings that He gives us. Allowing fruit to be displayed within our life… If we continue to live in sin, if we continue to walk away from God, if we continue to despise Him, what does it say here? “Those who honor Me I will honor, but those who despise Me I will disdain.” …This is a wake up call, I believe, to the church… We can continue to live in sin if we want, and God will let us. We can continue to justify the sin in our own lives, and God will let us. But you know, pretty soon it will come to the place where we will be more concerned about us, about my needs, where I’m going, what I’m doing, and how I should be treated, that God will eventually turn away from us and say, “That’s your life. Go live it,” and will allow for us to be held responsible for the sin and the destruction that sin brings to our life. He will allow it… He doesn’t leaves us, and He doesn’t forsake us, but He allows us to live lives sometimes that turn away from that blessing. And though He doesn’t leave, He allows us to leave. He will allow us to walk away and live in sin…

We can fatten ourselves on the blessings of God today. We can fatten ourselves on all that God has offered to us through His grace and His mercy, or we can begin to exercise the gifts that God has poured into us by the power of His Spirit. We can begin to allow that Spirit to work in and through us and bring fruit that will be a blessing to others… We should be about bringing people back to the Lord. Not just telling them, “Shame, shame on what you’re doing,” but tell them, “I will not participate in your sin.” …As men and women filled with the Holy Spirit of God, we have the authority to stand up before our brothers and sisters and say, “The sin that you’re living in will destroy you, and I will not participate.” We don’t have to.

Pastor Dave Elkins