1 Samuel 2:1-26

1 Samuel 2:1-26

1 Samuel 2:3Vintage message from May 10, 1998.

Do you find yourself in that place that when God answers your prayers, when God fulfills the promises He’s made to you, when He does the miracles in your life, do you find yourself actually stopping and taking the time and rejoicing? This is one of the other things I’ve observed within Christendom today. We have all kinds of needs, and we’ll pray for all kinds of things, and we’ll say, “God, give me, give me, give me, give me.” And then God gives us, and gives us, and gives us, and gives us, and we turn around and say, “God, give me more, give me more, give me more!” But do we actually stop each time God blesses us, when God gives us that blessing, do we say, “Thank you, Lord! Oh, I rejoice in You! You have just fulfilled me. You have given me everything. You are the God that loves me. You are the One Who I need. I rejoice in You.”

…How many of us find ourself in that place: a place of need, and we pray out to God, and when God blesses us, we know we are completed? We’re fulfilled. God has fulfilled us… [Sometimes] I miss the point that the relationship with God is the relationship that we need. The relationship with God is the only thing we need… We oftentimes take for granted the things that God gives us. We oftentimes fail to see the blessing that God has poured into our lives…

God is the One Who handles everything. God will deal with it… That’s something that I don’t think that we really believe. We can say it, but yet I still find people who will complain incessantly because they’re going through some struggle or turmoil, rather than sitting down and saying, “Thank you, Lord. I know You’re in control. You will deal with it.” …Are there things in our lives that we need to be leaving with the Lord and allow the Lord to deal with them? Allow the Lord to raise them up or put them down? I’ll tell you, it will make all the difference in your life because God is a God Who hears. He is a God Who will judge, and He will deal with it. He will.

Pastor Dave Elkins