1 Samuel 1:12-28

1 Samuel 1:12-28

1 Samuel 1:28Vintage message from May 3, 1998.

How many times have we found ourself in misery because of the circumstances that we’re in? Because of the things happening around us we are in misery. We’ve told all of our friends so many times that we’re finally getting to the place where we think that no one cares… Oftentimes when I’m going through struggles, when I’m going through hard times, I get this feeling that God has forgotten me. That somehow God has abandoned me. Somehow He’s gotten so busy with the affairs of the universe that I have been left out of the picture… Why has God abandoned me? Why has God forgotten me? Why won’t God speak to me? Why won’t God have anything to do with my life? But you know what? It’s not God Who does the abandoning. God has not forgotten. We turn our back on God. We get so wrapped up in our problem that we just begin to feel like God has forgotten us…

Do you realize that there is not a person alive on the face of this planet that has enough resource, enough authority, enough power to deal with even one other person’s problem? I mean, temporarily, we can put a bandaid on people’s problems… but do you realize that the true answer to the problem is not someone else. It’s not another person… Paul tells us that we are not to neglect the fellowshipping together with one another. That we’re not to neglect that gathering together and sharing our lives with one another. But you know, we are not called to fellowship with one another in order that we can unload all of our problems on each other, which oftentimes in many churches becomes the problem. We go to church thinking that the church is going to solve our problem. The church can not solve your problem! …The root of the problem most of the time…is that they are not right with God. They are not walking in fellowship with God… If we are right with the Lord, if we are walking in that place before the throne of God, if we are leaving our troubles there, that’s where the true source of help comes from… The result of giving your problems to the Lord, the result of pouring your life out before the Lord, is that He makes changes in your heart that no man could ever make. He does things in you that becomes a result that you would never experience by going to a psychiatrist, a counselor, a pastor. When God touches your heart, you no longer have anything to worry about…

Too often, we will go before the Lord with this big old bundle of trouble, we lay it before the throne of God, but we attach a chain to it, and after we get done dumping this at the throne of God and saying, “Okay, God. Now, You deal with it,” because He doesn’t reach down immediately and pull it up and take care of the whole problem, we turn and we walk away and we drag that trouble back with us. We go, “Well, I’m not going to leave it there, because God didn’t come and take care of it! God didn’t do what I wanted, when I wanted Him to do it.” …If we keep dragging our troubles back with us, it’s not that God is not answering our prayers, and it’s not that God doesn’t care. It’s that we have not truly given it to Him. If I say, “Lord, this is Yours,” I need to make sure and leave it with Him.

Pastor Dave Elkins