1 Samuel 1:1-11

1 Samuel 1:1-11

1 Samuel 1:11Vintage message from April 26, 1998.

See, part of our problem in life [is] we begin to struggle. We being to have hard times, and we whine and we complain and we cry to one another. But yet, in fact, there’s a God in heaven Who knows everything that’s going on in our life. He’s created us. He’s worked to touch us. He’s tried to communicate with us, but yet we whine and we cry… Do you realize that God allows for us to go through hard times? God allows for us to have trials. God allows for us to have rivals. He allows for us to have people who will compete against us and try to put us down and try to take what we have. He allows for people like that to be in our life…

Each one of us in this room today should know that there’s a God in heaven that is far greater than any problem that we would come up against. Now, of course, that’s not to say that if we have a problem we can’t go to one another or that we shouldn’t go to one another. That in fact, God expects us to pray. God expects us to share with one another and to hold one another up. But you know what? There’s not a person that you’ll go to in this room with a problem that that person can solve your problem… But you know what? I know a God Who is great enough to meet every need in this room right now. I know a God Who is great enough to know the very heart attitude that we have…

Do you realize that God allows the things that go on in our life to happen in order to drive us to that place before Him? If you are uncomfortable in life today, if there are things going on in your life today, I will pray for you. I will give you advice if you seek advice, but you know the advice I’m going to give you is turn to the Lord, because He’s the One that will meet the need! He’s the One that has the answer! I only have opinion… Take it to the One Who has placed these trials before you. And you know what? He’s the One that wants to hear everything that we’re going through. He’s the One Who wants us to share with Him everything that we’re feeling, everything that we’re experiencing. Even though He already knows it, He wants us to share it with Him. You know why? Because it puts us in relationship with Him. If we’re talking to Him, and we’re communicating with Him, that means we must believe Him. We must know that He has something to do with my life. He’s the One that will deal with me. He wants us to acknowledge Him. He wants us to be in that place before His throne. We’re His children. How many of us here have children? And would any of us refuse to allow our child to come and crawl up on our lap and share a problem, no matter how old that child is?

Pastor Dave Elkins