1 Kings 20:1-43

1 Kings 20:1-43

1 Kings 20:13Vintage message from April 2, 2000.

What lengths does God have to go to in our lives to get our attention so that we know He is God? So that we begin to put our trust in Him?…

Sometimes — and I pray for the day that this happens in our nation — our leaders have to come to that place of saying, “I will trust in God. I will stand before my nation, and I will trust God…”

How many times — think about the church corporate throughout history — how many times has the church made treaties with the world, rather than saying to the world, “I need nothing you have. My God is able to provide abundantly for me. You keep all that you have…”

I ask myself, where am I in the overall scheme of things? Am I in the world? Am I simply part of the church corporate…? Or am I truly living as one of the prophets who trust God, who allows God to work in and through him? What lengths has God gone to to get my attention? …[God] wants the world to know that He is a God of love that will show mercy. He wants to deal with the world because the world is a snare to those that love Him, to those that He’s calling, that He’s trying to deal with. But too often, even though His mercy and His love has been poured out on us, we reject, we turn away, and we make the treaty with the world. And understand, God comes to the place…where finally He’s had enough. If you want the world, if you want to live in the world, He will let you live in the world… What is it going to cost us if we continue to put our trust in the things of the world?…

God wants to deal with us. God wants to show us His love and His mercy. And He calls out to us. And He sends people to us. And He wants to use us to go to other people. The question we have to ask, the question I have to ask, am I willing?… Are we going to live a life of doubt? Are we going to live a life of inconsistency and faithlessness before our God? Or are we going to come to that place of saying, “Lord God, You are my God. I will live for You. All that I am, all that I have is Yours.” That’s all it takes: giving our lives over, trusting Him, and letting Him do the rest.

Pastor Dave Elkins