1 Kings 3:1-15

1 Kings 3:1-15

1 Kings 3:3Vintage message from December 12, 1999.

How many of us…deal with our own problems first and foremost. We go out and, when something’s going on around us, we deal with it. If there’s an enemy, we deal with the enemy. And then, just to make sure that our lives are going to be comfortable, we make an alliance with the world. And then, after we’ve dealt with our enemies and we’ve made an alliance with the world, then we turn to God and say, “And oh, by the way God, would You bless these things that I’ve already done. God, make my life work right because I’ve made these decisions, and now I expect You to honor the decisions that I’ve made.” And we go to those high places. We go to those places where God said, “Do not go there, because I’m not there…”

Our “high places” vary. Our high places where we think that we can go and find God vary for each one of us. Our high places are those places where we are going to God, and telling God how He must accept us. Our high places are when we go to God and tell God, “This is what I’m doing, and this is how I’m doing it, and I’m just informing You of it.” Our high places are those places that we find ourself spending most of our time, and then we feel conscience-stricken, and we look up and say, “And, oh yeah, by the way, God, please bless me…” And God, in an unbelievable show of His love, even though He says, “I’m not there,” He makes the trip. He goes and meets me…”I’m over here. Meet Me here. give Me the struggles first. Let Me deal with your enemies first. You’re going to deal with your enemies in anger and hatred. I’ll deal with your enemies in love, and they won’t be your enemies any more.” …He wants to turn our enemies into friends who love Him and love us…

Do you realize, every time you give in to that comfort of your own flesh you are making an alliance with the world. This flesh, the comfort of this flesh, is not important. Our walk with the Lord is [important] — and sometimes, sometimes, walking with the Lord is uncomfortable… And this is the problem. So often, we buy into this thing that we should and have the right to be comfortable in this flesh…and even though we still love the Lord, we begin to step from that place of loving the Lord to only showing honor to the Lord…

Turn in repentance every time you find yourself stumbling and falling into sin. We’re going to sin. We’re going to make mistakes. But where the problem comes in is when we begin to justify why what I’ve done is okay; why my living this lifestyle is okay. “God doesn’t care if I do this. This is okay.” And we begin to justify our sin and not turn in repentance to God… I very seldom find myself saying, “God, I’m sorry that I made that silly, stupid decision before I asked You.” But I do find myself, a lot, saying, “God, would You clean up this mess? I made a decision and I made it in good conscience. Now, God, clean up the mess.” God wants true repentance for having made the decision first without asking Him.

Pastor Dave Elkins