1 Kings 1:1-53

1 Kings 1:1-53

1 Kings 1:30Vintage message from November 28, 1999.

God always keeps His promise, even if we fail to keep ours… And this is my hope, this is my desire, and this is where I believe we need to be everyday of our life: do you realize that we, just as the children of Israel, are people of a covenant? We are the people of the new covenant. We are the people that Jesus came to, to shed His blood for, that said, “This is my new covenant. The covenant in my blood.” He made a covenant with you and I that He is, to this day, continually faithful to. My question is — and the question I hope you will have in your hearts and in your minds as we go through Kings — is, am I faithful to my part in that covenant? Am I living the life that the Holy Spirit would have me live?… How am I living for the covenant of God? How am I seeing the promises of God fulfilled through my life and through my ministry? And understand, everyone of you…have a ministry that you have been called to… As you step into this place of receiving Jesus into your life, you are part of a covenant and a ministry that requires of you a life that is pleasing to God. Now I have to tell you, I’m not always pleasing to God. I am not always faithful to the call. I am not always faithful to the ministry… And that’s why…these questions came up: how am I doing? …And I pray that at the end of my life, that just like [King} David, I’ll stand before the Lord and He’ll say to me, “David, you were a man after My Own heart.” And if that’s your desire, understand, you can’t go far wrong, even if you stumble and fall along the way, if your desire is to love and to serve and to be that vessel that God can use, His Holy Spirit will be there to pick you up, brush you off, and send you on your way…

So often we read the promises of God, we begin to understand the promises of God, we study the promises of God, we go through His Word, but then the first time trouble comes, we abandon those promises!… All too often I find [that] the decisions I make, the things I do, are really what’s best for me, not for those around me, not for the ministry that God has called me to. This is the question I have to begin to ask myself: am I making decisions based on a covenant and a ministry that I’m called to? Am I making decisions because I love God or because I love the power, I love the position? [It’s a] question I believe we all need to begin to ask: why am I doing the things I’m doing?…

God picks men and women, not because of their greatness, but because of His greatness and His ability to work. If God can make and mold me, if God can use me, He can mold and make you and use you, because He is the potter and we’re the clay. He’s the One Who does it. It’s His faithfulness that we’re depending on, but too often…we put ourselves forward. We take control. We take the reins. We make the decisions based on what’s good for us, based on what we want. Failing to see the needs of the people around us. Failing to see the promises of God. God would have us look to those promises, not to our own needs, not to our own comfort… God has given us promises, not for comfort, not for pleasure, but for peace. Peace that passes all understanding.

Pastor Dave Elkins