Sermons on Pride

Sermons on Pride


Matthew 18:1-4

Matthew 18:1-4, July 19, 2020 Not Of This World  [embeddoc url=”” viewer=”google”] 18:1-4  Kingdom of Heaven. [embeddoc url=”” viewer=”google”] Greatness. Their grasp or idea of greatness came from the world. Jesus wants to change the understanding they had. And He wants to change our understanding as well.  Change. The disciples had to change or turn from their ideas of greatness in the world. To change their ideas would change their actions, just as it will or did for us. To…

Matthew 11:20-27

Matthew 11:20-27 – April 12, 2020 Resurrection, Repentance, Pride No review today as today is Resurrection Sunday and our knowledge and understanding of Jesus’ resurrection is really key to our understanding of today’s verses as we continue in Matthew 11 for another eight verses.  If we were to go to Matthew 28 we would find on the dawn of the third day, the stone rolled back with an angel of the Lord sitting on it who spoke to Mary Magdalene…