Mark (2000-01) (Page 3)

Mark (2000-01) (Page 3)

Mark 2:11

Mark 2:1-28

Vintage message from September 3, 2000. Do you understand that today, as you sit here hearing God’s Word, if you have issues of sin in your life — and believe me, we all have issues of sin buried somewhere, something that God wants to deal with in us — that we can have the issues of our life, those sins that we hide, those sins that we live in, and even if you’re blatantly living in sin, understand, it does…
Mark 1:35

Mark 1:1-45

Vintage message from August 27, 2000. As we make our statement publicly, before men, that we will love God, we are making a statement that we would make in baptism. A bold, outward, public statement is of great value because then God can speak to our hearts… When we give our lives completely over to the hand of God, He speaks back to us, “I love you, too.” And understand, He’s loved us far longer than we’ll ever love Him.…