1 Kings (1999-2000)

1 Kings (1999-2000)

1 Kings 22:14

1 Kings 22:1-40

Vintage message from April 30, 2000. One of the things I’ve come to learn in my years of being a Christian, that we have to be very careful [with] the alliances we make with the world. We have to live in the world. God placed us in the world for a reason. He wants us to be a light and a witness to the godless in this world, but oftentimes, in trying to be that light and that witness, we…
1 Kings 21:29

1 Kings 21:1-29

Vintage message from April 16, 2000. Do you know what God is passionate about? …As great of a testimony as it is that He blesses us by giving us the things that we need when we pray, God is not passionate about meeting our needs. He meets them. God is not passionate about making sure that we have cars that run; God is not passionate about making sure that we have food on our table; God is not passionate about…
1 Kings 20:13

1 Kings 20:1-43

Vintage message from April 2, 2000. What lengths does God have to go to in our lives to get our attention so that we know He is God? So that we begin to put our trust in Him?… Sometimes — and I pray for the day that this happens in our nation — our leaders have to come to that place of saying, “I will trust in God. I will stand before my nation, and I will trust God…” How…
1 Kings 19:9

1 Kings 19:1-21

Vintage message from March 26, 2000. Just because you’ve had major victories in the Lord does not mean that every single time you face a struggle or a trial you are going to be victorious in that struggle or trial. We’re told that we are to daily put on the armor of God. And even though we, today, are indwelt with God’s Holy Spirit does not mean we are not going to have failures in our life. There are things…
1 Kings 18:21

1 Kings 18:1-48

Vintage message from March 12, 2000. [Jesus] intended for us to have differences. He intended for us to understand things differently. He created each of us uniquely, individually. It is okay — understand this — it is okay to disagree. It is not okay to allow that disagreement to be a division amongst you. Do you see the difference? We are going to disagree from time to time, but the standard for maturity, if you want to know what makes…
1 Kings 17:2

1 Kings 17:1-24

Vintage message from March 5, 2000. Have you ever asked yourself, “God, why are the bad things happening in my life the way they’re happening?” Have you ever found yourself struggling with a hard time? Have you ever found yourself, especially becoming angry and despondent over hard times in your life? Well, let me tell you, one of the reasons that these things happen in your life — just one of the reasons, there are many reasons… — the simple…
1 Kings 16:2

1 Kings 15:25-16:34

Vintage message from February 27, 2000. Do you realize that God has called each of us, and especially, especially men who are called to leadership within the church, that are called to leadership within their family…we have been given a great responsibility to lead. God has given people to us who we are responsible to, to show God’s love, to show faithfulness. Our faithfulness to God. Our faithfulness to God’s Word. Our faithfulness to raise our families to know and…
1 Kings 13:9

1 Kings 13:1-34

Vintage message from January 30, 2000. This is the lesson that God, I believe, wants all of us to learn… We turn to friends oftentimes when we’re in trouble, we turn to friends when we’re struggling, we turn to pastors, we turn to people of importance, people that we think we can trust. But understand something. If you have not turned to God first and foremost, you have not turned to the right place. If you’re struggling with something, you…
1 Kings 12:24

1 Kings 12:1-33 and 14:21-31

Vintage message from January 23, 2000. People have abandoned the study of God’s Word, people have abandoned the knowledge of God’s Word, and they’ve refined it down to principles of God’s Word. It is no longer the Ten Commandments, but the ten suggestions, and if it’s convenient we might follow them. And then God sent us His Son, Jesus who said, “Okay, I’ll make it easy for you. I will fulfill the commandments for you, I will live the law…
1 Kings 11:38

1 Kings 10:1-11:43

Vintage message from January 16, 2000. Sometimes…in our lives we begin to experience hardships. We begin to experience anger and mistrust of people around us. It’s always a good idea at that point in your life — when you begin to feel the heat of struggle in that way — to say, “Lord, have I done something to offend You? Am I out of Your will in some way?” because, understand, God does not mind using the things world and…
1 Kings 9:20

1 Kings 9:10-28

Vintage message from January 9, 2000. We fall into this trap too often of thinking that we need to do something for God. We need to be God’s friend and do Him a favor. We need to make a sacrifice to God to impress Him… When we do not follow God’s Word, when we do not study God’s Word, when we do not allow God to have that place in our life, when we abandon the principle of God and…
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