Sermons on Acts (Page 4)

Sermons on Acts (Page 4)

Acts 4:25

Acts 4:23-37

Vintage message from November 3, 1996. “Do we know in our lives that God has complete control and foreknowledge of what’s going to happen to us? Think about that. When you find yourself complaining about how hard things are, does God really know what’s going to happen to my life? Has He already predetermined and laid out the path for me, and if He’s laid that path out for me, then is it not okay for me to walk it?…
Acts 3:6

Acts 3:1-4:4

Vintage message from October 20, 1996. “It’s not wrong to walk up to someone, the beggar on the street or your best friend, and say, ‘Today I have nothing more to give you but the name of Jesus Christ.’ We will become the most effective when we realize that there is nothing we have in life that’s going to meet anyone’s needs more than the name of Jesus. We need to give the name of Jesus before we give them…