Psalm 27:1 NIV

Psalm 27:1 NIV

June 11, 2021 – Friday

Psalm 27:1 NIV

1 The Lord is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid?

Psalm 27:1 NOG

1 Yahweh is my light and my salvation. Who is there to fear?
Yahweh is my life’s fortress. Who is there to be afraid of?


The first thing to notice in either version is my light where the darkness of danger, anxiety, or trouble of any sort is illuminated permitting joy as we look beyond this life to the next. How does this occur? David’s (this is a Psalm of David) relationship with the Lord/Yahweh is such that the light that shows his salvation is in the Lord/Yahweh that David can see beyond any kind of trouble in this life. David did not know salvation through the Lord/Yahweh as we do in knowing and having a relationship with Jesus, but he knew his salvation came from his relationship with the Lord/Yahweh.

How did this relationship come about anyway? David provides the answer in the second part of this verse, The Lord is the stronghold of my life or Yahweh is my life’s fortress. David had made the Lord/Yahweh his life’s fortress, the stronghold of his life. All too often for us, prayer is a last resort, for David from all his writings it was almost always his first resort. While David was clearly a real warrior, he depended on God. We, on the other hand, often trust in many other things when we need strength or help. We call upon others, we often ask them for prayer before praying ourselves.

There are all kinds of things to trust on before we call on God and trust on what He shows us. Guzik writes, We find it easy to trust in our wisdom, our experience, our friends, and our resources. David knew a strength greater than all of those. Even in our own wisdom, experience, etc. we can learn to be like David and trust first and foremost in our Lord/Yahweh. It requires for most of us a paradigm shift in our thinking to do so, but we can do it.

The rewards in doing so are incredible. We begin with a relationship with our Lord/Yahweh and begin to realize there is no one or thing to fear or to be afraid of just as David writes. Not even death, because the Lord/Yahweh becomes our fortress. I recall once reading of a woman who never understood in the fifth verse of Psalm 23 about my cup overflows in the presence of my enemies (my rearrangement) until she was in the hospital with stage four cancer. Depressed and fearful, as she prayed, more and more family, friends, co-workers came and came and came until she realized her cup was overflowing with love. As a result, her fear and depression left her. She felt drenched in God’s love, and she trusted Him.

Her writing ended there. I never learned if she had a miraculous recovery or went peaceably to be with her Lord and Savior. Whatever happened she was no longer afraid or depressed.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Grant me the peace that comes through knowing you as my Light and Salvation through Your Son Jesus, my Lord and Savior. Thank You for Your incredible love and patience. – In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

RileyD, nwJ
Riley D. Driver – Pastor
Calvary Chapel of Dayton
in Beavercreek