Psalm 119:145-152

Psalm 119:145-152

to obey is better than sacrifice / obedience is better than sacrifice

August 08, 2019 – Thursday

Psalm 119:145-152    NIV

ק Qoph/Qof

145 I call with all my heart; answer me, Lord, and I will obey Your decrees.
146 I call out to You; save me and I will keep Your statutes.
147 I rise before dawn and cry for help; I have put my hope in Your word.
148 My eyes stay open through the watches of the night, that I may meditate on Your promises.
149 Hear my voice in accordance with Your love; preserve my life, Lord, according to Your laws.
150 Those who devise wicked schemes are near, but they are far from Your law.
151 Yet You are near, Lord, and all Your commands are true.
152 Long ago I learned from Your statutes that You established them to last forever.


Ooph, the nineteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, represents the number one hundred. This letter has so many different spellings you will see different variants in all the videos. For example here is a video on how to make the letter kof (!) in script form. Here is another video on the letter Quph showing how it developed from a pictograph to its current form as shown above the verses for today. One more video on how to print the letter koof. I mention all of these to show how many variants exist for a number of Hebrew letters, don’t be discouraged when searching and finding out you need to use different spellings.  One last video on Qoph as it has the eight verses put to song with the title I Rise Before Dawn and Cry for Help which is taken from the third (147) verse – enjoy!

Looking at the eight verses, the Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges commentary summarizes all eight as follows Unceasing prayer to be kept faithful in the midst of faithlessness is the rule of the Psalmist’s life. Like you I found this summary to be unsatisfying.

Instead the first three verses (145-147) has David calling out to God, first with all of his heart, then simply calling out to be saved, and crying out for help. The key here is that David knew who to call for help after which he would obey His decrees, keep His statutes, and put his hope in God’s word. Of course we put our hope in His word made flesh – Jesus.

Not only does David put his hope in God’s word, he makes it a point (148) to meditate on God’s promises during his night watches. David’s meditation is not all internal, as he voices his hope and asks God (149) to hear his voice in accordance with His love; asking Him to preserve my life, but not asking for anything outside of God’s laws as he asks for all of this according to Your laws. David considers while all (150) who devise wicked schemes are near he knows they are far from Your law.

They may be near, but (151) God is nearer and His commands are true. Not only are His commands true, but (152) they last forever. Thus it is no wonder he places so much trust in God’s word and calls out to Him with all of his heart to be saved and places all of his hope in God’s word.

What do we do in our time of need? Do we cry out to God, to Jesus, with all of our heart knowing we can trust in Jesus, placing all of our hope in Him? David’s example tells us we should.

RileyD, nwJ
(to obey is better than sacrifice / obedience is better than sacrifice)