Get Closer to God

We believe that the best way to get to know God is to read His Word. While we encourage everyone to read the Bible on their own, we also recognize the benefits of studying with other people in small group settings. These groups promote a discussion of the Scriptures so we can apply the Word of God to our personal lives. They also provide opportunity for fellowship and prayer throughout the week. Join the fun!

Men's Ministry

Men’s Ministry

Our men’s ministry is committed to helping men become the godly men God has called us to be. A godly man is a servant and not a slave master. Being a spiritual leader does not mean dominating or ruling over our family. It means serving your family, and being a godly example for your wife, children and others to follow. Calvary Chapel Dayton’s Men’s Ministry will provide men with tools to develop godly character and to equip them to influence…
Women's Ministry

Women’s Ministry

Women are vital to a healthy church. In the Bible, it was the women who stuck by Jesus as he died on the cross. It was the women who discovered that Jesus rose from the dead and went to tell the disciples. And it was the women who faithfully served in the early church in partnership with the apostles and elders. The early church fathers encouraged women to grow in their knowledge of God and to serve and help build…